Earl’s Circle

The Earl-y Years

Until March of 2020, many stuffy animals lived peacefully in a corner of the narthex of Southminster Presbyterian Church in Dayton, Ohio.  They spent their time watching the people come and go.  Then suddenly, most of the people disappeared.  They were replaced by a sparsely populated sanctuary and a livestream camera.  To fill the seats, the stuffies and their puppets friends migrated into the pews.  With a bit of coaxing, a few were bold enough to appear in front of the camera – including a little squirrel named Earl.

Eventually the people returned to the sanctuary.  Earl and the camera remained.  At first, however, Earl was rather shy, so he hid in various spots during the service.  This gave the children watching the service something to find.  (He did learn hanging under the Communion table was not appropriate.)  Continuing to feel the spirit, Earl began showing his courage by donning some holiday apparel or holding some props that the puppets had taught him to do.

Some of the lambs from Southminster’s Lamb Ministry also wanted to show their spirit.  They now often join Earl in sharing his message.  Earl affectionately calls them The Lambinators.  Other critters also join Earl from time to time, including long-time Southminster resident Holey Moley.

Please enjoy Earl The Squirrel’s view on life at Southminster Presbyterian Church.

June 9, 2024 

Life can be busy and a little squirrelly at times.  Perhaps you missed Earl and friends either in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings or on Facebook or Instagram.  Did you know you can always find them hanging out on Southminster’s home page at www.sminster.com in Earl’s Circle.  Make sure you also check out the interesting events and programs that are happening at Southminster Presbyterian Church.   

June 2, 2024 

For many of the students their summer break is ready to start.  Southminster wants to send them off on whatever adventures they may have with our prayers.  We hope they have a meaningful time full of Faith, Fun, and Flipflops. 

May 26, 2024 

Earl and The Lambinators understand why we celebrate Memorial Day.  It is about the men and women who gave their lives for our lives.  So, when you jump in that pool, remember the tears of their families.  When you fire up that grill, remember their bravery.  When you sit around the picnic table, remember that what we have is because of what they gave. 

May 19, 2024 

It is Pentecost Sunday!  This is considered the birthday of the church when the Holy Spirit descended on the 50th day after Easter.  Earl, The Window, and happy bird Dave are wearing their red hats to represent the joy and fire of the Holy Spirit.  Happy bird Dave is warming up for his liturgical dance entitled Spirit on the Wing. 

May 5, 2024 

It is Heritage Sunday – a day to celebrate the Scottish heritage of the Presbyterians and our own individual heritage.  Earl and friends wear their finest tartans and listen for the bagpipes and drums.  So exciting! 

April 28, 2024 

The hard work of the Class of 2024 graduates is being recognized today.  Join in the celebration and congratulate these people on their accomplishments.   

April 21, 2024 

Did you know that the Fellowship Team and other volunteers (always need more!) provide coffee, tea, and treats on Sunday mornings?  What a great way to spring in and meet others at Southminster!  Come join us in person or via the livestream with your own cup at home. 

April 14, 2024 

If you are hearing a joyful noise, it could be this ensemble from Southminster.  Earl and The Lambinators would like to recognize the many performers who are gathered in Dayton, Ohio for the World Winter Guard Championships.  This is truly the body of Christ in musical action and we welcome everyone here. 

April 8, 2024

With protected eyes turned toward Heaven, Earl and friends are ready for the Solar Eclipse of 2024Even so, they have something in their lives that shines brighter every day and every night.   

March 31, 2024

It is finally Easter!  Earl is ready to share the results of his Lenten garden with everyone else by putting his flowers on the cross for all of the world to see.  Are you also ready to celebrate this glorious Easter Day and put your beautiful faith flowers on display?

March 24, 2024

After all of the work during his Lenten preparations, Earl finally has had real growth and blossoms!  He is so proud, but he knows his work is not yet done.  His garden still needs to be tended and he has the tools to do it – Love, Prayer, and Kindness.


Can you find Jesus in this scene?

March 17, 2024

Earl and Ewenice are looking very closely for changes coming from the soil.  It has been hard to wait but they are now starting to see the faith that starts as small as seeds being to grow.


Can you find Jesus in this scene?

March 10, 2024

 Earl has planted the seeds and now it is time to wait.  There will be growth of roots and stems, but he can’t see it yet.  He is working to build his faith with patience.  

Can you find Jesus in this scene?

March 3, 2024

After preparing the soil, it is now time to plant the seeds.  Don’t forget that your faith is needed to turn the tiny seeds into new plant life.

 Can you find Jesus in this scene?

February 25, 2024

Earl is continuing his Lenten checklist series to grow with Christ.  After digging deep last week, he is working to remove obstacles that prevent him from growing in his faith.

Can you find “Jesus” in this scene.

February 18, 2024

Earl is starting his Lenten checklist series to grow with Christ.  Each week he will share what is on his to-do list.

See if you can find “Jesus” in this scene.

February 11, 2024

This is Scout Sunday.  Earl is celebrating his Squirrel Scout troop by showing off his grandfather’s sash of merit badges.

 February 4, 2024

 Today was Southminster’s Annual Congregation Meeting.  Interestingly, Earl thought it was going to be an Ant Ewe L meeting so he invited Ant Laura, Ewenice, and one of his favorite letters.

January 28, 2024

Today was the Sunday to install the Deacons and Elders into their respective offices. 

January 21, 2024

Did you know that January 21 is officially Squirrel Appreciation Day?  Earl and his friends did!

January 14, 2024

Earl and friends enjoy a game of Scrabble at Southminster.

 January 7, 2024

The magi traveled far with their gifts and wanted everyone to join in the Epiphany celebration.  Earl misheard what their crowns represented.  He thought it was for a Goal, a Frank in a sense (since it looked like a hotdog), and a Purr.  At least he correctly understood what was in the manger.