W-Earl-d Favorites

Christmas 2021

It is Jesus’ birthday and Earl is ready to celebrate!

Mother’s Day 2022

Earl’s Mom (Erlene) was so pleased by his gift of flowers and her favorite snack.  What a loved Mom!

Father’s Day 2022

Being fisherman is one of Earl’s favorite ways to spend time with his Dad (Merle).  His Dad loved the picture frame Earl made to hold this special memory.

Summer 2022

Summer is the time for vacations.  Earl wanted to remind people that they can still join in Southminster’s Sunday worship service by watching the livestream or viewing it recorded on YouTube.

 Backpack Sunday 2022

The theme for this Blessing of the Backpacks Sunday was “Be the Light.”  Earl and his lighting crew displayed as many different types of lights as they could remember.  We all show our Light in different ways.

Christmas 2022

Earl and the Road-Ants portrayed the magi by following the star around the sanctuary during Advent, getting closer and closer to the manger each week.  Here they are on the Sunday of Love by the beautiful decorations.

Easter 2023

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Earl and The Lambinators are ready to celebrate this joyous day.

Pentacost 2023

Pentacost is the birthday of the church.  It took a whole cast of characters to mark this occasion.

Summer 2023

From his treetop perch, Earl saw humans walking back and forth across their lawns in the summer.  He wondered what they were doing.  Finally he figured out that they were praying!

Celebrate Nurses 2023

Southminster hosts a nurses’ pinning ceremony.  To honor this milestone for a much-needed profession, Earl and Ewegene recognized this achievement with this scene.

Celebrate Librarians 2023

Did you know that Southminster has a wonderful library?  Earl thought it would be great to let others know and to show appreciation for all libraries everywhere.

Fall 2023

There is no better time than the beautiful autumn for Earl to express his devotion to the Lord.