A Note From Rev. Dr. Nancy Birdsong, Pastor/Head of Staff & Kathy Jester, Stewardship Chair

Dear Friends in Christ at Southminster Presbyterian Church,

Stewardship is the belief that God entrusts the world to our care.  For Christians, an important part of stewardship is supporting the church called to witness to God’s love in the world.  Our gifts not only help to take care of and manage the everyday operations of Southminster, but they also support our congregation’s ministry and mission, grounded in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

For many years, this congregation has been reaching out and touching others’ hearts and lives through its ministry, mission, and service.  Our Stewardship emphasis for the year 2021 is based on the 1970 classic, sung by Diana Ross, “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand, Make this World a Better Place if You Can.”  In light of the pandemic, we can’t literally touch hands right now, but we can “touch somebody’s heart.”

Our church family and visitors have found inspiration and renewal through worship services, education, spiritual formation, friendship, and fellowship.  In the broader community, lives have been touched through mission projects such as the “Catch the Building Spirit” Habitat House Build, tornado relief efforts, “The Church Has Left the Building” Day of Service, the Food Pantry, and the Emergency Assistance Fund.

As we might have expected, during the pandemic, the church has not received contributions as regularly as in the past. Your Stewardship Team hopes you will consider increasing your pledge by at least 3 percent for the coming year.  Additionally, it would be helpful if you could donate toward the $52 total “Per Capita” assessment that the church pays to the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly on your behalf.

Moreover, please prayerfully consider giving to support Southminster.  You can send your pledge via email, mail, or by bringing it to the church office.  A stamped return envelope is enclosed. Also, please send in your pledge by November 15, when our gifts will be dedicated to the glory of God.  If we meet in the Sanctuary again by that date, you can bring it with you to worship!

Lastly, we hope you will fill out the Volunteer Survey. This survey highlights the ways you might consider being active in our ministry.  Above all, this church and its lively mission thrive because congregation members are willing to make a difference by sharing their time and gifts in ways that reflect their love for God and neighbor. 

With your generous support, we can reach out and make this world a better place.

Yours in Christian Fellowship,

Kathy Jester, Chair of Your Stewardship Team and Rev. Dr. Nancy Birdsong, Pastor, Head of Staff

A Moment for Stewardship at Southminster Presbyterian Church