Southminster Presbyterian’s Christian Education Class Featuring “Faith and Politics in a World Gone Awry” by Steve Plunkett

“Looking over America’s hot-tempered politics and deep divisions, Plunkett asks: ‘Can grace save us?’

Join us at Southminster Presbyterian, as we read and discuss  “Faith and Politics in a World Gone Awry” by Stephen W. Plunkett.

This book examines how faith affects everything that disciples of Jesus Christ think, do and are, including the way we participate in the politics of our community, state and nation. 

Classes studying this stimulating book will be meet on Sunday and Thursday mornings this fall beginning September 11; you are free to choose the day which best fits your schedule.  

Steve Davis, of Southminster Presbyterian will facilitate the Sunday morning class; Gay Amos, also of Southminster Presbyterian will facilitate the Thursday morning class.  

If you have ever wondered about the relationship between your faith and what’s happening in politics of our nation and world, this class is for you!


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Weekly Class Schedule

Anyone who wants to join our conversation is more than welcome, even if you didn’t read it! Invite a friend, share on social. 

September 11 (Steve Davis' Sunday class only)

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September 15th (Thursdays with Gay Amos) or September 18th (Sundays with Steve Davis)

Chapters 1

September 22nd (Thursdays with Gay Amos) or September 25th (Sundays with Steve Davis)

Chapters 2

September 29th (Thursdays with Gay Amos) or October 2nd (Sundays with Steve Davis)

Chapters 3

October 6th (Thursdays with Gay Amos) or October 9th (Sundays with Steve Davis)

Chapters 4

October 20th (Thursdays with Gay Amos) or October 23rd (Sundays with Steve Davis)

Chapter 6

October 13th (Thursdays with Gay Amos) or October 16th (Sundays with Steve Davis)

Chapter 5

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Book Reviews

Reviews of Faith and Politics in a World Gone Awry taken from

Concise, Direct and Relevant

This short, fearless, well-focused book spotlights challenges facing contemporary Christians in America and globally, with courageous, vivid, and thoughtful discussions of the impact of current national and global issues, always asking the uncomfortable questions: who is our neighbor? How should we treat one another? Well-organized, with solid and specific questions at the end of each chapter, this book rewards readers with rich and meaningful material for contemplation and discussion.



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